New LIFE in the art world with New Medicis

New Medici is a new project in art history in the history of interaction between artists and any artist (art) and collectors around the world

The great Repository

About the New Medicis coin and its possibilities
There are a huge number
of art objects
The best works
in the world
Medicis curators in search
Real art
Medicis Repository is open
to the best
Virtual travel on art
Art space with collections
Repository New Medicis


We have designed a unique coin that is backed by the great New Medicis Repository of a vast array of art. The Medici is the first TNF coin to be provided with real art objects.
owner of the coin earns monthly on its growing value, the increase in the value of the coin occurs due to the replenishment of the storage, held auctions
Coin New Medicis

Creators of paintings and objects art

Сan digitize their work and place in the repository
3d Object
3D Object
Medici segregation by combining easy access to the digitization of art objects
screen app bg
using MFT tokens and placement inside Medici spaces, immediately auctioning these tokens. Quickly create, quickly exhibit and plus exclusive items.
art in hand
The best painters, sculptors, creators
The best conditions for the purchase of paintings and their sale
Great variety
of auctions
there is a moment for buying a lot,
a moment for realizing a great work
how is the rise of coins
Each participant is involved in the fund of art objects, each becomes the owner of the object, the value of coins is constantly growing, growth from the acquisition of new art objects, as well as through the formation of a profitable part from their sale, holding auctions, exhibitions, performances
Famous curators
recognized in the art world, accompany the Medicis Galleries
Meet our artists
Great curators
Creative community
best authors,
great experimenters
Rose Schultz
Allen Dawson
Frontend Developer
Mae Dunn
UI Designer
Dennis Davis
Rebecca Ortiz
UX Designer
Clyde Rice
to be with us
The New Medicis Production
Continues to explore the limits of blockchain technology by collaborating with artists on production of more complex projects, where the purchase of an artwork is just the beginning of a sophisticated and poetic experience.
Medicis production
Office Moscow
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